1. BBennett

    Ron Smith's Fundamentals of Lettering Videos.

    Just wanted to advise everyone that there are 2 new Ron Smith's teachings on YouTube. They are 2 parts of a 7 part series entitled "The Fundamentals of Lettering for Hand Engravers". These are the Parts and Links: Part 1: Introduction, Tools and Tips Part 2: Block Lettering Remaining parts...
  2. Y

    Announcement: Engravers script

    Google "english 111 vivace bt" for a nice script font for transfer/ copying. It's a free download.
  3. A


    Hi folks, I am new here and I am also not an least not on metal. I practice a form of Copperplate script named Engrosser's or Engraver's Script. We describe this form of shaded script as 'engraving on paper'. Some of you may already know about The International...

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