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  1. S

    Help, please: Scrollwork Design Methodology

    My grandfather is starting to teach me how to engrave and I’ve started to draw scrolls in my spare time. Every time I start one I get “stuck” and my scrolls quickly fall into chaos. Does anyone here have any suggestions about drawing basic scrolls? What kind of process do you use? Any particular...
  2. Jan Hendrik

    My latest scroll design video

    I just completed my latest scroll design video on YouTube. The video covers the subject of leaf fold overs in it's basic form. Three main areas of fold over placement and drawing is shown and how fold overs can add interest to your scroll designs. I hope you will find some value from the video...
  3. Jan Hendrik

    Announcement: My engraving design tutorials

    Hi everyone! I just uploaded my second scroll drawing tutorial on my YouTube channel. My aim is to upload one video a week to my channel covering topics on design, engraving, goldsmithing, gem setting and knife making. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or requests. Here is the link...
  4. A

    Help, please: Design Of New Engraving Company Logo! Help/Criticism needed!

    So after running a fairly successful jewellery manufacturing workshop we decided to take a month from manufacturing and focus on working on the business instead of working in the business... We figured out that we could launch a separate company purely dedicated to the great and all powerful...
  5. didyoung

    scroll design

    a new scroll design:drawing: your thought and comments are welcome:tiphat:
  6. DakotaDocMartin

    Scroll Constipation

    My wife was in a women's clothing store doing some shopping and I noticed this horrible conglomeration of scrolls in the window. Scrolls should invoke feelings of flow, harmony, symmetry, etc. The first word that came to mind was "constipation". :eek:
  7. Jericho

    Question: Finding scroll patterns

    :thinking: I am wondering what is a good place online or a book or something of the sort to find good scrollwork patterns. I can draw my own but I would rather be using that time to draw animals and such for my projects. If anyone has any suggestions they would be much appreciated.:tiphat:
  8. DakotaDocMartin

    Poorly designed scrolls

    Here's an example of professionally designed scrolls that don't follow the rules and are poorly done. You would figure a large Swiss company such as SIGG would have hired someone who was good at scroll design.:shock: They must not have heard of Sam. :confused:

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