1. Jeff2t

    Cordless Mini Hone

    Check out the 3d printed Cordless Mini Hone. Fits 25mm diamond wheel and Edenta polishing wheels.
  2. Golabekrafts

    Homemade sharpening jig (Lego)

    Just thought I’d share this, as I’m a beginner and it was the easiest/cheapest way for me to sharpen as a step up from completely hand sharpening. I made a little jig out of Lego technic pieces for sharpening the gravers I made, it only holds the main angle depending on how far protruding the...
  3. F

    Question: Facetting machine for graver polishing?

    Has anyone ever tried this? I got my first engraver last week and am on a smaller budget, GRS powers pricetag is far away and DIY solutions are hard to accomplish in my small flat with no workshop. Also GRS is nearly double the price where i live...
  4. W

    Question: Thoughts on Apex sharpening syestem?

    Anyone use the new Apex sharpening system yet? What are the thoughts on it? Pros/cons?
  5. S

    Question: Seeking organization advice -- sharpening tools

    My graver sharpening method consists of (template assisted) hand sharpening on a couple of different grits of water stone, followed by polishing on a leather strop. Because of budget issues (this is a hobby, I doubt I could recoup money spent on equipment), I can't justify any kind of powered...
  6. T

    Critique Request Is My 120 Sharpened Correctly?

    Attached are a few photos of my 120 degree under the view of my scope at 7X magnification. Would love to hear input on heel length or general shape. I sharpen the main face to 50 degrees and 5 degree taper on the sides. The heel doesn't have a measured angle, just what i thought would be...
  7. T

    Question: Graver Tip and Heel

    Good morning, Good afternoon and Good evening everyone, I am fairly new to the world of engraving and have been spending a lot of time lately working on my scroll design and basic line and curved cuts to get a feel for my GraverMax. I recently purchased a power hone along with a standard...
  8. T

    Question: Here it is a 120 Degree Graver Sharpeninng

    Here It is a 120 Degree V-shaped cut. Is it correct ? I hope it's correct. any question?:thinking:
  9. T

    Question: Here's My Graver Sharpening Video. I am Beginning Engraver.

    Is it correct ? if not correct. let me know.It is a V-shaped cut, I use a 120º graver @ 45 degree face with a 15+/- degree high heel.
  10. M

    Help, please: using hand gravers in quickchange handpiece holders?

    I'm attempting to jump into sharpening this evening and I have boxes and boxes full of these gravers that were in wooden handles for hand push engraving. Is there a way I can use these with my magnum 901 handpiece with quick change holders? Do they have to be shortened? Can I just round out the...
  11. Chujybear

    8" lap on grs powerhone?

    Hi. I have the power hone for sharpening my tools. My collection of Laps is a mush mash from over the years. Among my laps I have a few eight inch laps. I'm going to by some backing plates (resin, I believe) for my laps. My question is- is there any reason not to use the eight inch...
  12. O

    round carbide sharpening lesson

    hello engraver friends, When I needed some gravers blanks I was browsing the internet for alternatives for my Lindsay palm control. I found some round carbide blanks 3/32 x 3 inch long for under $5. But the problem was how can I index them to use in my Lindsay template? When I was sheduling an...
  13. Terrezar

    Announcement: GRS dual angle, parallel heel

    Beeing a beginner in the engraving trade I tend to experimente a lot, and because the reasent fuss about heels and faces and sharpening I started to experimet a little with heels. I failed completly when trying to engrave whit a long heel, and when trying whit a "bendt" heel :confused: and so I...
  14. DiamondCactus

    Question: Work Sharp 3000 sharpener

    how does this look for a lot cheaper sharpener. My father in-law uses it for his wood carving tools, how ever they just came out with some diamond wheels. I figured for someone like me with out a lot a money to by the more commonly know brands this might work out well...

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