1. A

    Question: What is the proper steel for machine engraving precious metals?

    I am the new owner of a machine engraver and I wanted to understand which steel is best used to cut precious metals like .925 Sterling Silver, All karats of Gold, and base metals like copper. I am not new to machine engraving as I learned on a Lindsay and I currently own a Pulsegraver. I have...
  2. D

    Announcement: Need an engraver :) - for stainless steel watch

    Hi to all, I am in the jewelry and watch business and need the services of a steel engraver that can start by March. The job is a steel Swiss watch - Bracelet and case - will provide style / art details. My direct email is 858 699 7878 Thanks Doron
  3. JTC

    Question: Brown patina on steel

    What do you recommend using to put a dark brown patina on steel? I can't wait 20 years for it to age, looking for a good chemical solution!:)
  4. T

    Bulino Engraving

    What Kind of the Best Metal for Bulino Engraving ?
  5. Paulie

    Critique Request 'Good Luck' horseshoe finished

    :tiphat: A quick update of the finished horseshoe. I posted a couple of progress pics a while ago. My first horseshoe needed some more effect than only the lines & lettering so I decided to blacken the lines first. Without removing any background it missed a bit of contrast, so I stippled some...
  6. Baygraver

    Graver steel preparation

    I have been using some liner gravers from EC Muller and am beginning to think they come in an annealed (soft) state. This is because they seem to lose their edge rather quickly in soft metals, like copper and brass. I’ve emailed them via their website, but so far no answer. I remember...