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  1. N

    Question: Gold inlay into Sterling Silver

    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to inlay 24K gold into sterling silver? I engrave silver quite a bit and I would like to use the gold inlay technique, if it is possible on a such a soft metal. I also engrave white gold, has anyone inlaid 24K gold into 14K or 18K white gold?
  2. DakotaDocMartin

    Continuumâ„¢ Sterling Silver by Stuller?

    Has anyone tried out Stuller's new Sterling Silver alloy? They don't mention any anti-tarnishing properties such as Argentium Silver has. Here is their description: Developed by Stuller, Continuumâ„¢ sterling silver has over 95% precious metal content. It is considered a European-friendly...
  3. Mario Sarto

    Scroll on a Sterling Silver pendant

    Below you find a Sterling Silver pendant i finished today. It has 40 mm in diameter. I have tried to cut deep as i was able to do ;) Thank you for watching it!

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