1. F

    Help, please: Help a newb starting his journey from blank

    Good evening everyone, i need your help with.. well, it feels like everything. After suffering from burnout last year i want to reorientate my profession. Next year i will have an internship as a goldsmith - coming from IT - and since then i am following videos about engraving and kinda felt in...
  2. Paulus

    What Vise should i get in your opinion

    Hello everyone, i will keep it pretty short. I am kind of new to the art of engraving and at the moment using hammer and chisel and hand pushing method. In the future i will probably change to a pneumatic system. Till now i used an old vise from my workplace. I am planning to get either a...
  3. M

    Home made tools.

    After seeing the interest in home made engraving tools I thought I would show my DIY engraving vises. Here is the first one I made, it has a body/ball made from a stainless steel garden shop gazing ball. I made a spindle on the lathe from tubing with two ball bearings to support the top plate...
  4. S

    Question: Engraving vise

    Hello everybody, I need your opinion on Engraving vises/blocks. As I currently don't have one, I am looking to get myself a good one that will suit me for a while. Before the need arises to buy an extra one to hold things the first one cant. What I want to do is engrave small...
  5. Chujybear

    Question: grs positioning vise

    there a video of the grs positioning vise in action? how much travel does it have from one extreme to the other? does it travel along one axis? and if so is that axis perpendicular to to opening of the jaw? thank you:thinking:
  6. K

    Question: Engraving Stand

    Looking for a drill press bottom to set my vise on. Have not had any luck finding just the stand. Anyone know where I can get one? Internet is fine, but I would rather get it local. Near St. Louis MO. Also if you have ideas other than a drill press stand, I'm open minded.