watch engraving

  1. dimovengraving

    Engraving of watch

    Vostok Europe, Celtic theme Engraved by order
  2. Monica

    Masters of Fine Watchmaking: The Engraver

    I just found this video. I'm not sure if it has been shared before, but I thought it would be a nice one for beginners on this forum to watch.
  3. V

    Hand engraved watch

    Hand engraved watch - Seiko 5
  4. V

    Stainless Steel engraving on a Watch

    Dear all, I'm currently doing some diamond setting on a stainless steel watch. It's 316 steel and ok to drill in. I'm cutting a channel to create prongs for the diamonds and facing a challenge with the cutting. My 60degrees carbide gravers keep chipping and the cut I create is not a bright cut...
  5. BuddyAustin

    Announcement: New to Engravers Cafe, just saying hello and sharing some of my engraving

    Hey everyone, my name is Buddy Austin. I just started poking around the engravers cafe and there is so much great content and information on here. I'm excited to be a part of this community. So thankful to Sam Alfano for starting this and also teaching me the basics of scroll design and...
  6. H

    Help, please: Watch engraver needed

    Tried to place an ad on buy & sell-section, but as a new member couldn´t manage to do it, so let´see if this works. Iḿ looking for a engraver as a watch-collector in meaning of having western-themed engraved watch as a part of a collection. I have sent several mails for persons who seem to...
  7. M

    Help, please: Watch engraving ideas - your input please!

    Greetings All, I would like to have some engraving done on this watch (part of my collection) and would like to get your input about possible ideas. There is not a particularly large engraving area and the art nouveau dial itself is quite ornate. But I think engraving it would definitely...

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