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  1. W

    Question: Ring Holding Fixtures

    What is everyones opinions on the different ring holding fixtures (Ringenie, Jura QC Basic set, Lindsay Expanding Cosmos, and Lindsay Bench Jewel)? Also are they interchangeable with the others vises (Jura in Lindsay PalmControl vise or Expanding Cosmos in GRS micro blocks)?
  2. Southern Custom

    Cup jig

    I mentioned engraving some goblets in another post. I thought I'd post a pic of the simple jig I made to help in holding them. This was first a barrel jig. I altered it to add the cup insert that came with our CNC engraving machine. The inserts can be made fairly easily or maybe find some old...
  3. B

    10: x 18" Bench Ctr on Ebay

    No connection to the product or seller, just thought it could be helpful for those who do tubular items (guns, flutes, etc.). I'll remove this after a week or so figuring that anyone interested may have seen it. Bob...
  4. Southern Custom

    Sterling punch bowl project

    I haven't visited much lately much less participated or contributed anything to the forum. The shop has been a little over run but here is one of the latest time suckers. This sterling silver punch bowl is a replica/replacement for an award that was lost in the mail. The medallion was done in...

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