2018 Engrave In


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Dec 14, 2013
East TN.
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WOW....that would be how I would explain the Engrave In..... This was my first time attending the engrave in at Scott Pilkington's. This was the 13th year that Scott has put on this event. Scott THANK YOU.. for the event and the hospitality, great food and having a setting where so many folks can get together and talk shop, share ideas and techniques and show off some great work.

For me as a beginner to this great art it was just what I needed to help get me started, I learned a great deal from so many people there. Everyone was so generous with their time and knowledge. It was also nice to meet many of the people I have talked to online face to face.

I left there with many new friendships, a much greater respect to the art and artisan. I look forward to seeing everyone again in the future.

I have found the engraving community both online and in person is made up of some of the finest people, people who are willing to share and help others out in anyway they can.

Thank you again Scott and all who were there.



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Nov 10, 2006
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Dean, it was good to see you again and you're progressing well with your engraving skills, keep up the good work.

Also, to all that were there, it was good to meet the new folks, the regular attendees present, and we missed those that couldn't make it. To those that did impromptu presentations, thank you so much and you ALL did a fabulous job. Our newest Master Engraver, Thomas Galloway, proved to be a verbal match for CJ Allen!

Thanks Scott for opening your home, property, museum and expertise again (13 years), it was great as usual.


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Apr 6, 2007
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Jerry Spaulding and Tim Adlam called me while on their way home to regale me with tales of all that I had missed by being called away to the west coast. This is only the 2d Engrave-In I have missed in all these years. The first was the time it got rescheduled to conflict with elk season. I plan to be there next year, and Pip the Pup says "hi" to everyone.

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