2020 Hunts for Hero's donation


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Dec 6, 2006
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Hi everyone

I am posting here a Tomahawk that I built for the Masonic Mountain Men. This Hawk along with a consecutively serial numbered Colt M1911's engraved by Keith Casteel are being raffled off by the Masonic Mountain Men. All of the proceeds will be used to sponsor hunts for our disabled Veterans. We have many Vet's that have suffered severe injuries while protecting our freedoms. Building this Tomahawk to help some of our brave men and woman was a great honor for me. I know many on this board are much better engraver than I but I also know that we have many vet's here also. So please don't look at the quality of the engraving but look at the opportunity to donate to a worthy cause. All of these funds will be used to go to hunt cost, none for management or other expenses.

The Masonic Mountain Men have a web site https://msmmm.us/ that has all the information and pictures of the pistols. Please visit this site and make a donation and receive a chance to win this Hawk and a once in a lifetime pair of matched Colt 1911's.

Thanks Jim Parker