A couple of useful metal finishing engraving aids by John B.

John B.

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Nov 9, 2006
Los Angeles area, California.
Here are a couple of items that are very useful aids in engraving.
They have several valuable functions to help with our work.
The A. W. Farber Eraser Stik “7077B is a fairly hard eraser in pencil form as you can see.
It can be easily sharpened using a regular pencil sharpener or knife blade and can be shaped to fit the area at hand. Other than regular erasure of pencil or carbon lines in layouts on paper or those drawn directly on the metal it can be used to polish small areas of the background metal, inlays or sculptures.
The Blaisdell Klenzo #533T is manufactured for use as an ink or typewriter eraser.
This is a mildly abrasive eraser stick with some abrasive in the rubber, somewhat like a mild form of Cratex and as the Farber it has several useful functions as an engraving and metal finishing aid.
It excels in texturing or polishing and touch-up of small areas of background and again, in polishing and/or texturing selected areas of engraving elements, inlays or sculptures. It can give a very controlled texture to negative space areas on some of the softer metals such as gold, silver, copper, brass or nickel silver.
The Blaisdell has heavy, tightly rolled paper surrounding the abrasive center and a pull string that cuts through the paper to expose a new tip. The tip can be shaped to fit with a knife or by sanding.
In another post, “SEEKING HELP/INFOâ€￾ by Brian there is a lot of good information about metal jewelling. Reason I mention this is that I have used both of these pencil like erasers with abrasive powder in a drill press to do pretty good stopgap jewelling


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