Arabesque Belt Buckle Rendering


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Dec 22, 2017
France (north of Alsace, close to Germany)
Hello Michael,

Firstly, I like it very much, currently I‘m not able to draw 1% of this. I would like to improve my skills and would therefore like to know if you followed a direct (personal contact, unthinkable right now) or video course. I did not find a DVD or download course for iPad drawing at masterengraver.

Then, I wonder about one little detail: in the area marked red there‘s a leaf whose shading looks a bit too straight to me. Did I look at it the wrong way or was it done on purpose?

Generally, I like Your designs for jewelry and accessory engraving. I‘m a part time goldsmith, guns are much less popular in Europe, so I‘m interested it designs which could be done in Silver an worn by people without a license and openly.




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May 17, 2018
Hello Ralf,

Thank you for your comment and question.The area with straight lines is intentional. Just a bit of variation for visual interest.

With regard to learning Procreate, there are some great, free youtube tutorials which if you apply yourself will get you up to speed with the program very quickly. It took me about two weeks to learn and become comfortable with Procreate. I found it very easy to learn and work with on my own. Finally, I remember reading on the forum that the engraving specific brushes Sam created for Procreate can be downloaded. I'm sure Sam or another forum member will know where to get them.

Backing up a bit, about a year before taking Sam's iPad class, I purchased and downloaded Sam's video on drawing scrolls. That video is highly recommended as it really lays down the fundamentals, and finer points of successful scroll design. I still refer back to it for reinforcement of fundamentals from time to time. Truly an invaluable tool! I have many of Sam's other videos as well for technique and process. I started with pencil and paper, and then invested in an iPad Pro.

I'm still really intrigued by the way Sam shades his work, and like to study his finished designs. There are many engravers I admire and follow on Instagram - Cao Ming, Marius Mellebye, Rick Simmons, Steve Lindsay, Lee Griffiths, and of course Sam Alfano, to name a few. When I see a technique I like, I try to visualize how it might apply to my own work.

I took my first engraving class at GRS in the summer of 2018, and I'm still a newcomer to the art. From my limited experience, the best advice I can humbly give is to watch the videos, work along with them to develop technique and muscle memory, study the work of engravers you admire, and take a bit of time every day (if possible) to draw.


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