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Steve Adams

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Jan 2, 2007
I read with interest the "matting punches" thread, and decided to share a photo of some of the punches I use occasionally for backgrounds on steel dies. There are no single bead punches here, but I do use them. I also make downsize punches similar to these for the Gravermax. When I have a large area to texture. the Gravermax really helps. The two ways I make punches are to either apply the texture directly to the punch, or by using a die or hob of another punch. This is all done in soft steel, of course, then hardened. I usually have a mounted heavy duty drill chuck in a jig on my bench when making punches. This is great for holding punches to work on. I use whatever tool I need to do the job and this includes chisels, gravers, flexshaft, needle files, ruby stones, die maker stones, hardened sculpting tools and other punches. A lot of the tricks mentioned are ones I have also tried, plus a few others, but that would take a book. Maybe some of these punches will inspire someone else to expand their punch collection. Mine is just shy of 2,000.


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Oct 3, 2018
Wow what a collection you've made yourself! That's most impressive. I've seen your work as well and the quality of your craftmenship even shows in these punches. They look manufactured they are so clean. Thanks for sharing, I'm really surprised no one else commented on this thread! You have more unusual punches in that one photo than I could probably dig up and both engraving forums combined. Thanks for sharing. It opened my mind to a new world of possibilities for sure.