Bent gravers for inside ring engraving

Nov 9, 2006
South Carolina
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Hi Randy,

I do a lot of inside ring engraving and I also use a flat and square graver to make most of my cuts. I use a lift of 15-20 degrees on both. To make the horizontal cuts Sam was talking about I purchased a graver from Edward C. Muller (phone 718-881-7270)that was already bent. Buy item # M109-3 and M109-2.... one of these should work well for you. You will have to grind it down a good bit and sharpen it at a different angle than it was intended for but it works very well for me. Bending, hardening and tempering is not an easy operation. You can spend all day on it and still have nothing useable. If you need a picture of the bent graver to look at let me know and I will post a picture.


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