Best Case proctector for the 3rd Generation 12.9 iPad Pro


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Dec 14, 2013
East TN.
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I am looking for reviews from those that have a case to protect there I Pad Pros, which case is considered to be the best case for the 3rd Generation 12.9 iPad Pro which I just got. And do the protective screen covers that come with them cause an issue with drawing , using the procreate app., I have looked at the basic online reviews but would like to here from those here. I do use the otter box for my phone and like it very much, and I am leaning towards that one for the pro.

Thank you all.
May 17, 2018
I like this one:

Great case. I bought it when my Apple keyboard bit the dust. I use my IPad Pro daily for design work, and the excellent (easily) detachable keyboard allows me to use it in place of my Macbook Pro, which I find I'm using less and less since I picked up the Logitech case/keyboard combo.