Bill Bagwell knives engraved by the late E.C. Prudomme


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Nov 20, 2020
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I am looking for any knives made by legendary bladesmith Bill Bagwell some of which that includes what he called " Hell's Belle" that was engraved and dated by the late Mr. E. C. Prudhomme . The "S" shaped guard with forward curve quillion is engraved along with the butt cap and escutcheon. The owner's name was engraved in such . The Hell's Belle was initially delivered in a striking display presentation case, as described in Bagwell's catalog # 2. The blade length should be 10-1/2" and bears a large "B" marking ( for Bagwell) as these were hand-forged on a coal-fired forge while Bill lives in Vivian,LA. Also any Bagwell knives bearing "Bagwell Vivian.LA" with a hammer in the center in an oval-shaped logo along with Bagwell catalogs. Bagwell Streetwalker's Companion has been known to have been engraved by E. C. Prudhomme as well. It is a small Arkansas-toothpick double edged knife (dagger type-Google an Arkansas Toothpick to see what such knife looks like). These knives were offered with a stag handle, walrus tusk and a rosewood/ebony handle. If anyone possesses such Bill Bagwell knives, I'll be grateful if you can contact me. The second Bagwell fold-out catalog shows the Hell's Belle, Widow Maker and the Streetwalker's Companion! Thank you so much for reading this thread. I have now added pictures from a Gun World 1976 issue that shows two knives having been engraved by E. C. Prudhomme

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Hello and good day: I am not sure I understood your very short word: Pics? I am seeking any knives engraved by E.C. Prudhomme, therefore I have no pictures of what I am looking for and provide any to anyone. Did you read carefully the post I wrote? Perhaps you know people who have Bagwell's for sale? I am aware of two knives being pictured in an old magazine that clearly shows these as having been engraved by this engraver, other than that nothing else. In any case have a safe and wonderful week end
he meant, "could you send a few photographs of your knives.. mr prudhomme was a great friend to beginning engravers. his help, then, was by phone, before the internet.

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