Bob Finlay's vertical knife holding system


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Nov 6, 2006
Covington, Louisiana
The subject recently came up about how to hold a knife vertically for engraving the butt end. I'd remembered that Bob Finlay in Emporia, KS had a system so I dropped him an email and he was gracious enough to take some photos and write a short explanation. Obviously this isn't a simple thing to make, but definitely worth having if you do much of this type of work. I'm also including Bob's email to me. / ~Sam


I'll try to explain the best that I can. View attachment 18754 View attachment 18755 View attachment 18756 View attachment 18757 View attachment 18758 View attachment 18759 View attachment 18760


I used a junk shelf and cut a hole through to allow the blade to extend through. Making sure it is large enough to allow the knife to be tilted some. I took a junk vise base and and bored a hole though it and then took the lead screw out of the jaws and drilled down through one jaw and threaded it to take a 3/8" when you screwed it down it would lockthat jaw solid.(shown on picture named lock) on the other jaw I drilled 2 holes horizontal through both jaws and threaded the holes in the locked jaw with relief holes in the movable jaw thus the movable jaw could be tighened against the stationary jaw to clamp the knife in between. I'm not good with a camera but I think the pictures are good enough to understand how it works. Just look at the vise and not the mess around the area. It needs a good cleaning. no excuse. Look for 2 seperate emails for the pictures. Let me know if this helps any.



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