Bowling ball vise by John B.

John B.

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Nov 9, 2006
Los Angeles area, California.
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This might give a few beginners on a tight budget a couple of ideas.
I thought they may be interested in some old homade engraving kit.
This is a foot turned engraving vise I made from a bowling ball years ago.
The bowling ball sits on a ring of Sheppard furniture casters.
It has a steel shaft going down to disc below the bench, not shown in the pic.
You can see the brake/drag system I rigged up complete with my farm quality welding.
The actual vise in the pic is a Pan-a-Vise self centering fixture.
It was a bit too flexable so I changed it for a small drill press vise later.
This worked very well for H&C engraving and allowed a full circle cut non-stop.
These pictures were taken at a demonstration class at Trinidad College around 1982.
Thanks for giving it a look.
Best wishes.