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Sandra Brady

Dec 12, 2008
Monclova, Ohio
I was reading a thread on new cameras, and am interested in the canon g 12. but no one posted any shots taken with one and I was wondering how it did for close up detail. I currently use an olympus camedia c-3000. At only 3.3 megapixelss it's a dinosaur in today's market, but it takes great closeups. It is what I used for most of the photos on my web site. Unfortunately, it takes an ID card, and they are hard to find. Olympus doesn't support the camera any more either. I am looking for one that is easy to use too. If any one has a g12 or other camera you would recommend, please post some photos too.


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Mar 8, 2008
Hopewell, VA
I use a Canon Rebal - older one at 6 mp witha 4X closeup lense attached. See Attached


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Nov 19, 2006
Mendocino. ca., and Scotland

I started a thread on the new "in between" cameras, seeking advice. I have received my new Canon G12, and am thrilled with it! I am pretty good with a camera since the 1950's and have used point and shoot Sony Cybershot's for years. Sam's the man when it comes to huge knowledge on photography and clearly many others on the forums are excellent. I have had my new Canon G12 examined in great detail by two local camera enthusiasts who have excellent DSLR cameras with lotsa lenses. They both agree the Canon G12 at $499 was an excellent choice for me... get it as a kit from Amazon for about $540 and you get an additional spare battery, and a 16 gig memory card.

The camera has the huge sensor, as in a big DSLR, 5x zoom, shoots Macro down to less than 10mm, magnified viewfinder for macro, shoots HD video, will take a bracket of four shots on focus and light, etc., has flip out monitor, view finder, etc. It uses the standard memory card found in every supermarket these days.

I will post a few examples when I can get the time, but I do recommend it for people like me, who do close up, and also like to wander with a camera in a slightly bigger shirt pocket. It weighs under a pound, bigger than a point and shoot, but much smaller than a DSLR, does go into a jacket pocket, or my heavy work shirt pocket, and has many more knobs and adjustments to tweak, or simple choose "Auto".

One wee tip for those of us who use macro setting to shoot our engravings ... at close up macro settings, the depth of field is very small, so 'point and shoot' is almost bound to give you out of focus if done hand held and casually. Sometimes you only have a mm or two depth of field, so do take care about focus, and the G12 does give a great range of manual settings including manual focus while looking at a magnified monitor.


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James Miller

Mar 31, 2009
Surrey, England
My latest camera is a Lumix FZ38 and I am very impressed with its quality, it takes superb close ups with it's Leica lens and it also has a fine range as a general use camera with 12 megapix and 18x zoom lens. To add to all this it is also has an impressive HD video facility. Just Google Panasonic Lumix FZ38 and see what it can do.


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