Cirelli grind for mounting flat gravers in the Dual Angle fixture

Mike Cirelli

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Nov 8, 2006
Western PA
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I always had a problem with flats in the dual angle sharpening fixture. They would never go in the same way once they were taken out. I'm sure others had the same problem. Well here's the fix. Grind two nice even 30's on top of the graver. I ground the top by inserting the graver and holding it at the tang. 45 was 0, 15 and 75 gave me the 30 degrees on each side. As you can see the 30 degrees on each side fits perfectly into the fixture. It goes in the same every time. No need to resurface the belly every time.

Now if GRS applies this to the flats when purchased it would save about 15 minutes of grinding.

DJ if you use this idea I'll be waiting for no "expect" a handful of these gravers:)

Hope this is of some use to others.