Nov 21, 2020
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Hello all,
I’m confused with all the types of tools to use and looking for recommendations. I’m a newbie and looking to purchase something to start projects. I would like to engrave glass, metal and carve wood on a small detailed scale as well as a larger one.

Is a flexi shaft a lighter tool that attaches to a rotary tool?do I need this? Are they better for detailed things?! Are the cordless versions easier as more versatile? What would you say is the best brand? Dremel, vanhaus or something else? Can you recommend a set with all i need?
Thanks so much for your help


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Feb 11, 2007
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welcome. you need to check the page for beginners. check tool tips for beginners. educate yourself a bit before you start spending money on tools you may find that are of little use for yer purpose.
most of us own a dreml tool. some wont even admit to owning one. there's little good to be said concerning the dreml. micro motor tools, tho much more expensive, offer
greater reliability and control when used. the flex shaft, like the micromotor, holds small burs of diamond or carbide.
wood, meal, & glass all require different tools to properly embellish these materials.
are you skilled at drawing? this is a skill that should be addressed at square one. there's many disciplines to learn to produce good results. take some time to learn and enjoy.

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