Compare drawing process with Ipad to Andrew's tutorial

Nov 10, 2006
Christchurch, New Zealand
Hi Deb

And thank you for the compliment :)

Yes, the actual process is basically the same from thumbnail through to finished design.

However, the iPad Pro and ProCreate make some things a bit easier and quicker because you are doing it digitally all on the same surface instead of different pieces of paper. But keep in mind that drawing is drawing regardless of the surface being drawn on and the pencil used. You still have to develop over time the eye/hand control and muscle memory that enables you to do it successfully...........and as you have heard a thousand time over, it is a matter of practice, practice, practice. :)

One thing you should be aware of with digital drawing..........DPI (dots per inch) is now something you must be aware of. When setting up your Procreate page always have the setting at 300DPI) or greater. I use 300 DPI as it seems to be the sweet spot for me as I find between drawing and printing it gives me a good transfer. Once you have found your sweet spot, then stick to it for every scan, draw, print, etc you do. That way you don't need to try and remember what settings are what. I have found over the years that consistency when using computer graphics makes life a lot simpler.

The DPI is also dependent on what you are trying to achieve. If, for instance, you are wanting to draw high end art for printing, then I would suggest 1200 DPI because you want the finest print possible. If you are just wanting to draw and transfer black outlines like I do, then 300 to 600 DPI is more than enough.

The iPad etc is a wonderful tool but not a magic solution to drawing. If anything it's just a modern technilogical tool that enables us to keep up with the digital age. Nice to have but not essential.

No, you don't need an Apple computer to print and transfer your iPad/Procreate drawings. You should be able to do that on any computer.

I hope this helps and good luck for the future :)


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