concave curve square graver geometry


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Anyone have practical experience of creating square graver for engraving inside concave surfaces, such as engraving inside large buckles, bowls, cuff bracelets ect. of course each concave surface would have its own ideal "lift", and any comments on learning curve ?
James,E.C.Lyons Bronx N.Y. make printmaking & engraving tools,give them a call 718-515-5361 they may be able to help you with gravers for concave surfaces . J.J.


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in general, steeper heel angles with correspondingly 'shallower' faces are in order. i recently did a fairly long line of lettering in a concave band around a Cynthia Eid silver vessel and iirc, used a 25° heel and a 35° face.

if you need to reach down inside something while avoiding an obstruction, those sorts of custom-forged gravers get pretty tricky.
a "fishbelly" style graver is used for these concave surfaces. Usually they have little heel as the shape of the graver produces a heel.
the so called "vintage" gravers listed on the bay will often have a few in the collection. they may not be suitable for steel, but will usually work on any of the metals a buckle would normally be made from. any of the oldies i ever bought were fine for jewelry work and such. some can be heat treated and tempered to work on hard metals, but i'm not sure which ones can be tempered.


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first of all, Dave, big fan of your work and wit...please elucidate me as to what a fishbelly style graver is ? Thanks in advance.