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Aug 8, 2009
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I went to a "gender reveal" party last night. Apparently that's a thing now. I came to find out that I'll be a grampaw in mid December, and the boy will be saddled with the moniker Grayson Ray Davis. I'll wait until he's at least three to make him a bamboo fishing rod, but I can now start planning a silver cup and spoon with initials and birth date. Who makes a good set? For what features should a mediocre engraver watch out?


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Jan 10, 2007
I get a lot of silver cups from Salisbury Pewter to engrave. Pretty good stuff & has a nice finished polish on it. Made in Salisbury Md.

What to watch out for is a set where the handle rises above the rim of the cup. Its harder to hold. Look for ones where the handle is even or slightly lower than the rim of the cup. As far as baby flatware, its easiest to engrave on a flat handled set. Lots of baby flatware sets are stamped out with a cartouche or raised center, some are almost like a bubble. You want the ones that are flat, with out a lot of detail or any detail. It makes the letters easier to read and gives you room for any letter style you want.

And Congratulations on the grandkid.

May 11, 2007
Try Empire silver online for sterling cups and flatware. Also, Nelson and Nelson has a vast array of anything in sterling you could want. is a huge source for silver as well.

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