Cutting out sheet inlays or overlays by John B.

John B.

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Nov 9, 2006
Los Angeles area, California.
Tmroper asked a queston about how Wilson Capron cut out his fine scroll overlays.
So as not to hijack Wilsons excellent post I started a new thread on the subject.
I’ll let Wilson answer for himself how he does his outstanding work and fine cut out and also learn from him.

In the mean time here is a method I taught at school that you might like to try if using thin or thick sheet gold for fine inlay or overlay.
Transfer or draw your design to your gold and scribe it carefully.
Stick your gold to a wooden tongue depressor, pattern side up with high tack two-sided tape and coat it with Magic marker.
Using a graver cut the pattern staying to the outside of the line into the gold.
Now take a jeweler’s saw with a fine blade and cut it out, catching the gold and wood dust.
The tongue depressor not only supports the gold for cutting it also provides a little blade lubrication from its waxed surface.
While it is still attached to its wood backing refine the design with fine files and sanding boards.
Soak it in a little acetone to separate the gold or silver from the wood and you’re good to go to your next step of soldering or inlay.
For inlay I stick it in position with the same type of tape and carefully scribe around it.
Remove with acetone on a Q-tip
Then cut the cavity outline starting on the inside of the line.
Relieve the cavity, undercut and bur the bottom and seat the inlay.
Others may have different or better methods.