Denver gun show


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Well it's that time of year again and the Colorado Gun Collectors gun show in Denver is this coming weekend I will be there in my usual location.
Bert will be set up elsewhere with the FEGA table and i know Rex and Aaron will be set up doing their GRS thing besides taking me out to the Buckhorn for dinner :tiphat:
I'm looking forward to seeing my Colorado friends at the show, and you too Marty...hahahaha

I'd highly recommend any aspiring engravers or collector firearms enthusiasts come to the show. The CGCA show is as good as it gets for anyone interested in Colts, Winchesters, or any other collectible firearm. There's always some great deals to be found if you look. In addition, as the FEGA BoD representative I will be taking new memberships and renewing old ones. I will also have some of the more popular FEGA castings available for purchase at the FEGA table. These are fabulous study aids and can be used in many ways to help the aspiring engraver learn techniques and scroll design and execution.


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Bert so far it looks like nasty weather in denver thurs and fri so dress accordingly sat and sunday look real nice have a safe flight
I will be setting up thurs afternoon you know where to find me or I will be wandering around looking for some neat toys to buy


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I see today that I-70 was closed at Vail pass due to safety concerns which I assume means snow and ice. Glad I didn't try that. Have a great show!