DIY light tent. An easy project.


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Jan 9, 2008
Cordoba - Argentina
Hi all!

This time I would like to share an easy three hours project.

-I bought three white laminated shelves that ask to be cut in halves. (15.00 euros).

-Also bought two downlight luminaries that included 2x22w florescent low energy lamps each. (16.50 euros each).

-A switch. (3.60 euros).

-I made a layout for the two lateral pieces, then drill the holes for the screws and cut the hole for the luminaries.

-Then fixed all five parts with screws.

-Install the luminaries and made the connections.

-Then I added the aluminum profile in front of the lower board to prevent the cardboard used as an infinite background slipping out the light tent.

-With the light box finished I put a white cardboard and then set a custom white in the camera. This was to correct the white balance for the florescent light used. These lights have specified 6400 K (Kelvin degrees) that is quite cool color temperature and not the best to take pictures, but correcting the white balance they work quite well and are not so hot as a 300W incandescent bulbs.

-Finally I put my lux-meter in the light box to measure the light flow: about 15,000 lux, no bad at all! With this amount of light you can take a picture without the flash.

Well, it is true that you can buy a commercial light tent for a similar amount of money and cheaper also but this cheap units use incandescent lamps emitting a huge amount of heat and also consuming a lot of energy. Furthermore, these light tents are made of synthetics fabrics that may be harmful if you forget those warm incandescent bulbs switched on.
Hope this project helps in taking better pictures!
Best regards, Leonardo.


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