Easy carry photo tent by Sam Welch


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Jan 31, 2007
Castle Valley, UT in the Red Rock country
I have posted in my album "cuttings from the floor" 2 photos of the light tent I use in Reno (and elsewhere) for those interested. I first made a rectangular diffuser from transluscent light fixture plastic and made a small "foot" to hold it in the camera's flash mounting slot. Using the hand held ring light, this works fairly well by itself and I took a number of nice photos at the SCI show one year for The Engraver. By adding a piece of white sheet draped over the setup with a slot or hole for the screen you get better photos. If using the sheet, clear plexiglas should work for the rectangular plate to hold the sheet in a usable shape. I still use the hand held light when needed to help get even lighting of the areas of engraving. These are what I call working photos, made to show the engraving. They are not what might be thought of as "beauty" shots, the kind you find on covers of magazines and books, but they work well to show off your work. The trick is to move the piece around until you get a good view of the engraving. The camera won't fix bad placement. With the camera around my neck, the tripod in hand and the other items in a thin shoulder bag I am ready to go just about anywhere and take photos. Any questions feel free to ask.


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