Editorial corrections and apologies


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Nov 19, 2009
Camp Hill, PA
In my eagerness to learn (and hopefully master) engraving, I have unintentionally stepped on some toes and/or crossed the lines of proper protocol and decorum of this and/or other forums.

My little blog is meant to be a tool for other Newbies who might be interested in someone else's attempts at getting there - Master Engraver. Two things: 1) I have no ties or alliances with any products, engravers, or other commercial endeavors (except for the instruction Ron Nott is so kindly giving me!) and am not making any money or gratuities from any of this: 2) showing the world my feeble attempts and continual mistakes at drawing and engraving is also meant to further the craft by showing that it does take quite a bit of time, effort and professional instruction to make any headway.(I consider myself a fair artist and mechanic and am struggling with both!)

For those offended, or any, who by association with my blog or me, have been implicated as sponsors of any commercial entity, I humbly apologise. I have made editorial corrections to my blog and hope that they, along with my promise to be more objective, will make some recompense for any damages done or felt. If not, please afford me the opportunity to do so by contacting me at 717-395-8426.

I plan on continuing to improve my understanding and skills in engraving and in posting my progress (if any!). I hope to continue to receive your consideration and support. Tnx!

Now... back to those darned scrolls!

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