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Mar 30, 2011
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Received my July-August 2019 "SHOOTING SPORTSMAN" issue yesterday and in it there is a well written article about Bill Gamradt's work as an engraver. The article was written by Richard Grozik who is well known author in the wingshooting writers world and in the article Grozik describes how Gamradt restored the worn engraving on Richard's 112 year old Joseph Lang & Son (of London) shotgun. Also described is Gamradt's art work as well as how he learned as a self-taught engraver, as well as how he goes about restoring engraving and the equipment he favors.

The 3 page article is titled "Graven Images" has 3 photos one of which is Gamradt in his studio, while the other two photos are the before and after of the bottom of the Joseph Lang & Sons shotgun action that was was restored. In its day 112 years ago Joseph Lang was a London best quality gun maker the equal of Purdey, Boss and Holland & Holland.

I have no knowledge of how to scan the subject article and post it on this website, but if someone else does I can scan it in a .pdf file and send it to them via email so that they can post it.

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