Engraver template math?


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Nov 21, 2018
Hi guys, I'm new to the hobby and the forum and was hoping someone could help me out. I see lots of template systems out there but I'm a DIYer and have lots of tools and I would like to 3D print some templates. I had a go at mocking up a simple template that was shared by Youtuber Shaun Hughes and printed it out and I'm having some luck but I need to reset and figure out the basics.

FIrst and foremost, I'm interested in only hand push style gravers as I do not have any sort of pneumatic system and dont plan to use a hammer. I have some round stock and have some traditional 3/32 square blanks on the way too. When using a basic 70 degree template I'm basically producing what appears to be an onglette style face. The template is basically a triangle on top of a square (house shaped) with a hole near the top and the stock sticking out of the hole 30mm. That's the only math I've been able to find. I

Does anyone have any example dimensions for a template that would allow me to make a proper graver? How does the hole placement in the template affect the end grind? Can the hole be placed anywhere? What do I need to consider if I wanted to make a template that should be used with stones that are 1/2 inch high vs honing at the same level as the template. That's the sort of info I'm looking for. I'd be glad to share anything I come up with in the form of STL files for those that would be interested. I know there are patents on various systems but at the end of the day isn't this all just math and angles? I've been tempted to just purchase the popular templates but I'd really like to learn about making my own but I sorta suck at math and I'm new to this hobby. I have a perfectly tuned 3D printer and dozens of types of filaments to try and would love to be able to produce my own. Not looking to sell anything. I wanna share what I come up with.
Oct 3, 2018
Not sure I have the answer exactly and anyone feel free to shoot this down if I'm wrong. Regardless, this helped me wrap my head around the angles etc. So for example you want to make a 90° graver, deduct 90 from 180 which is 90and half of that is 45° so each side of the belly will be cut at 45° to make a 90. Say we wanted a 110° graver. 180-110=70. Diving that by 2 and you need to grind the angles at 35° and you'll have a 110° graver. Last one a little more tricky with a 105. 180-105=75÷2=37.5. So grind the bottom angles at 37.5° and you'll have a 105° graver. Sorry if it was over kill but why not if it helps anyone. Good luck with your template ventures!

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