Engraving on triangular wire


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Oct 30, 2021
Toronto, Canada
By far I am not an engraver compared to the amazing work I see here on this site done by others.

I have been engraving lines on the top two sides of a triangular sterling silver wire which is wound up like a coil.

The coil is stretched apart on a wood dowel and rested in my bench pin.

There are many issues with this process that need improvement. The major one is the holding of the coil and that the coil is not very secure since it is an odd shape.

My left thumb has a leather pad on it to make it less painful holding the coil down since it is pressing on the point of the triangular wire. My right index finger gets an imprint of the engraver edge (sore too) since I have to start the cut right at the top of the triangular wire.

There will most likely be many issues that others will discover in my photos of the process. My engraver is very short so I can rest my thumb on the dowel to get some stability of the engraver. Sharpening my engraver is a sad process since I literally just grab my flex shaft with a sandpaper disc and sand the engraver.

Any insights on how you would proceed will be met with open arms because over the last twenty years I have been saying that there must be a better, easier and faster way of doing this.
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Nov 3, 2011
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What are you making in the end? Will these be welded together into rings? Or will it remain a spool?
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