Excellent Design Source Books


Nov 9, 2006
South Carolina
Here are several design source books that have excellent material on Family Crest, Scroll Work and Wood Carving Styles. Some of these are sources others on the forum have shared with me. The books are very inexpensive and chock full of very high quality illustrations. All are from Dover Publishing.

Family Crest Designs

Heraldic Crests
by James Fairbairn
$18.95 Retail

A 320 pages of almost any family crest detail you would ever want.

Heraldic Designs for Artists and Craftspeople
by John M. Bergling
$10.95 Retail

Great book of family crest designs.

Scroll Work and Wood Carving Designs

Manual of Traditional Wood Carving
by Paul N. Hasluck

A manual for wood carving with illustrations mixed with wood carving instructions

835 Victorian Designs and Emblems
by Palm & Fechteler

Very good book of illustrations of Scroll work and family crest material

Florid Victorian Ornament
Karl Klimsch

Good book of floral type scroll work

Ornamental Borders, Scrolls and Cartouches in Historic Decorative Styles
by the Syracuse Ornamental Company

Material in this book is taken from a catalouge of wood carvings, mouldings and furniture trims. Great source for sculpted scroll work we have been discussing.

These books can usually be bought off of Amazon for less than retail. I don't know about the rest of you but I am addicted to material like this. Hope it is helpful for those looking for great, inexpensive design sources.