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Aug 4, 2021
Hello everyone. I am so happy to have joined this amazing community of artisans. I just wanted to share the wonderful experience I had studying with JJ Roberts in Manassas, VA this August.
I am a self-taught metalsmith and have been a jewelry instructor for quite a few years. I purchased a used GraverMax and no matter how many YouTube videos and books I consumed,
I just needed someone to physically teach me.
I live in Chadds Ford, PA and found JJ as he was within a few hour drive. He even invited me to bring my machine so he could teach me using that. I appreciated that he didnt try to sell me a bunch of equipment and gave me honest advice on what is essential and what is not for a beginner.
He took his time and answered my numerous questions on graver geometry, which graver to use for various cuts and how to sharpen. It was such a tremendous help to me and allowed me the confidence to jump the mental hurdle that was keeping me from getting started.

JJ’s studio is attached to his home which allowed a focused private one on one experience. He was so patient, incredibly knowledgeable and took his time to teach me the basics. I cannot recommend his school enough.
Since I have returned, I have been applying his instruction and though I am a long ways from being any good, I am on my way.

If you are reading this, JJ, thank you.
You are the real McCoy for sure.

Hattie Weselyk

JJ Roberts

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Nov 10, 2006
Manassas, VA
Thanks Hattie and Grayson for your kind words about the engraving class's. J.J.


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Nov 10, 2006
durango , co
JJ told me he had a new student from the Kennett Sg area. Guess we will be almost neighbors when I move back east this winter