Garage New: day two gratitude


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Nov 17, 2006
The sun is coming up and soon it will be above the mountains giving us light and warmth. I'm grateful for the beauty it brings. The contrast of light and shade and how it changes as the sun moves across the sky. I'm grateful for how it chases frost from the ground, sparkles on icicles, glitters on water, and warms my soul.
I'm grateful for mountains to hike and gaze at in wonder, jutting upward majestically as though reaching for the Heavens. They collect snow for grass, crops, cattle, and humans to enjoy year round. They are part of nature's circle of life that supports and sustains life.
I'm grateful for variety and diversity. My adopted state of Utah has pristine alpine forest in the north and the beautiful and stunning red rock in the south. My native state Idaho has the Frank Church wilderness area, the river of no return -Salmon River, the Palouse in the north and the endless fields of potatoes, wheat, and alfalfa along the Snake River basin in the south, Craters of the Moon, Shoshone Falls, and the gorge at Twin Falls which Evel Knievel failed to jump. It's a good thing he equipped his bike with a parachute.
Grateful for cocoons that bring forth butterflies, the whisper of eagle wings, the buzz of the hummingbird, the knock of woodpeckers, and the crow of the morning rooster. Turkeys for Thanksgiving, steak, and fish, especially salmon.
I'm grateful for trees that provide shade, leaves to rake into piles so grandkids can jump into and laugh, become buried and laugh some more. I'm grateful for rain gutters to clear of leaves that remind me of the joy of trees.
I'm grateful for spring and nature's renewal and the reminder that I need a renewal. Summers beauty, Fall's stunning beauty and relief from summer's heat, and winter's dormancy impress upon me the importance of life's circle and interconnectedness and that we as a people with our diversity have an interconnectedness.


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May 23, 2015
beautiful...........the description of your world is also beautiful. Thanks. Rob

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