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Nov 17, 2006
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. This farm boy is at the end of his intended writings. If I have offended I apologize. My intention was actually quite selfish. I wanted to remind myself of all the good in my life and in spite of a world filled with anger and despair there is much to be grateful for.
As I write about my feelings regarding things spiritual and sacred to me, please substitute the names and conditions that you are comfortable with. I am not proselytizing or judging your beliefs I am simply expressing what I am grateful for and is important in my life.
As I have studied religions and different belief systems around the world I have found truth and goodness. In the name of religion much much good has come into the world and in the name of religion things have been destroyed and innocent lives have been taken. A true and honest investigation of things spiritual needs to look deeper than the individual acts of radicals.
For me, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is my anchor- please substitute your own anchor whomever or whatever that may be. I am grateful for His life, example, gospel, grace and most of all the supernal gift of the atonement.
I am grateful for miracles. I am grateful that God saw fit to extend the life of my son through my hands with the authority and power of Priesthood . He was given a four percent chance to make it to year two and is now at year four with clean MRI's.
I am grateful for angels both heavenly and earthly. I believe that many times we are given an impression or thought to help others from a Higher Power. It may be as simple as a smile or an encouraging word or as large as days or years serving our earthy brothers and sisters. Often we are not even aware that we are acting in behalf of Deity. And the irony is the millions of good people on this earth that do not profess a faith are also used because of the inherent goodness in them. I have been blessed many times over by by earthly angels doing God's work here on earth.
I conclude with a heartfelt thank you to all who have offered kind comments. Please accept this blanket thank you in lieu of individual responses. I have especially enjoyed those who have expressed gratitude for people and things in their own lives.
Happy Thanksgiving
My George Washington painting is 30x60 inches. The mezuzah was largely engraved in the hospital and hotel, hand push by whatever light came through the window or hotel lamp during my son's 21 day hospital vacation. It was given to a dear friend of mine battling cancer. A Brian Powley prayer box and a nice shotgun are the other two.


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May 23, 2015

Mike Cirelli

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Nov 8, 2006
Western PA
I don't know your situation, but I wish all the best for your son and your family. If your son is as blessed as your hands are I think he will do very good.

I missed your other posts. After going back and reading your words, I see the strength of you and your family reflected in all your work. I remember Ole Verne speaking so highly of you, now I know why.
I hope the future blesses you and your family.
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Jul 16, 2015
Lee I've never met you but maybe someday I will if not here definitely will later. Thanks for the encouraging words there is a lot of truth in what you have said. I'm not on here all the time and not usually one for commenting. Your work is totally amazing to me as is anyone else who can do what you do. I'm not really an artist just someone who is getting started in the engraving world trying to learn new methods and techniques. Sorry to hear about your son will keep you all in my prayers.

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