Gold Inlay with drop shadow by Mitch


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Jul 23, 2007
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to continue the recent discussion about gold inlays ("Gold Overkill"), here are a few shots of a simple cattle brand I just did on a very nice Rick Genovese folder. in the other thread i was trying to explain how one should make an effort to artistically elevate the use of gold above simply the crass addition of precious metal. the following shots help illustrate the basic concept of what i was saying.

the 1st shot is the basic cattle brand- a "Rocking K", flush inlaid in gold. yeah, it's fancier than just engraving it in the steel by virtue of the gold, but artistically it's really no better.

the 2nd pic shows the addition of a fine outline- this at least sets off the gold, which can pretty much disappear in a polished surface (sometimes gold inlays are virtually 'invisible' in B&W photos, their tone matches the surrounding steel so closely). as long as the client is paying for the inlay, one might as well do what one can to make it stand out.

the 3rd shot shows the final product with a dramatic shadow. in this particular case, it not only creates the illusion of raising the inlay up off the surface, but also adds movement to the 'Rocking K'.

the 4th is my suggested update of the old-fashioned cattle brand, but Rick didn't figure the client would go for it... :cool:


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