Great inkjet transfers

Dec 27, 2006
Plainview NY
I worked on figuring a way inkjet transfers would be dark and work with most inkjets
this is what I did and it worked great. I almost never use transfers but this comes up in forums
so much I figured it was time to try something new.

(1) Don't use inkjet transparencies; you need to use laser transparencies but
they need to be treated (Now don't laugh) rub on soap with paper towel use a hard bar of soap use a hair dryer to get dry, here's the funny part; take hair holding gel you can use spray gel or squeeze tub if you use squeeze type just rub on with hand making a thin coat then dry with hair dryer, if your using spray hair holding gel spray one coat dry with hair dryer then do a another coat dry again. (You can get hair gel at any market, drug store or hair salon if they have mega hold LA brand get that)

(2) Print on gel side with inkjet printer (You can even print very fine lines and get great detail) I tried it on an HP Fax office inkjet with cheep refill ink and a Cannon i960 photo color inkjet. (Brother Laser Read abut laser in step 5)

(3) Let ink dry; you can try using the hair dryer to speed it up; as you know if you play with the settings and print a little lighter it will dry faster, if you have time let sit over night.

(4) Use Dammar; I found out if you brush on with an art varnish brush dip brush in denatured alcohol first, wipe off with paper towel then use it with the dammar it will make the dammar very tacky and for a longer time, also if for some reason you missed the tack time you can brush a very light coat of the alcohol over the dammar and it becomes tacky again, I even think it works better then if you didn't let dry first.

(5) You don't have to do this but I would; put a light coat of dammar over image, you can't scratch it off or smudge as it is but if it gets real wet it could mess it up. That's why I like the laser printer it is permanent DO NOT USE GEL WITH LASER PRINT SOAP ONLY NEEDED then do the rest of the steps

Foot note: I tried something today I put super glue instead of Dammar and it worked
Great the soap acts as a blocking agent on the transparency; (don't burnish just rub out excess glue) when I pulled off plastic sheet no ink was left on it (I haven’t tried engraving with the super glue transfer)

Just trying to add something new to a art I love so try it if you like or if you have a way that works stay with it.

Top image is inkjet bottom laser


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