Hammer & chisel startup kit


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Nov 6, 2006
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For those wanting to learn the traditional way or for those with a really tight budget, this will get you in the game very inexpensively. This does not include a vise, magnifier, etc.

Ngraver No. 3 steel Belgium style chisel handle $7.00
Or suitable wooden handle.

GRS chasing hammer $42.95
Patterned after my hammer which was patterned after Lynton McKenzie’s. There are other suitable chasing hammers out there. This one suits me well.

Two GRS GlenSteel square graver blanks $28
One will be a chisel and the other will be used as a guide for sharpening per my video on hammer & chisel engraving. You might find less expensive HSS blanks, but these work very well.

Eze-Lap Fine Grit (600) diamond hone - Red Handle $5.95
For quickly freehand sharpening the face of gravers.

Spyderco Double Stuff Pocket Stone 303MF $30
Double-sided coarse/fine ceramic stone. Use the white side for heeling gravers with the guide. The brown (coarse) side can be used for smoothing the face after sharpening on the Eze-Lap diamond hone (if necessary).

Total approximate cost: $114

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