Homemade Ball

Mar 22, 2015
I bought a stainless steel ball in a Gardencenter for about 15 euro. It is Decoration, and flat on the bottom side.
I drilled a big hole inside the flat. than 3 small holes for screws. and than i filled concrete inside the ball. Ijust had to Mount a plate now with a selfcentered vise.
Below i made a ring aout of sheetmetal, and filled it with a 2 component foam. to avoid dirt on the ball i did some normal plastic between ball and foam. when the foam was hard i glued some leather on the foam. works very well. sorry for my poor english mark


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Jun 12, 2017
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Somehow time, on study, I have dropped an engraving vice from a support, and they have fallen down work why the brooch has been completely destroyed. :(
Then I have thought how to exclude falling of a sphere, and at the same time it is easier to make him?

My version, halves of the steel sphere from shop of preparations for forging, inside a piece of a pipe with a carving sideways.
For suppression of vibration pig-iron fragments are placed in a sphere and concrete is filled in.
On the basis three levers which as keep a sphere that it hasn't fallen from the basis in claws are movably fixed
Tightening screws in the basis of pads, I can scroll a sphere with any effort, from small, to very hard.
And that for me important, my homemade vise of only 9 pounds (4 kg) weighs. It is very important as I have injured a back and to lift heavy things to me harmfully.

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