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Aug 25, 2019
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I have pictured the first coin I did from nearly 2 years ago, that I was very proud of and, one that I did yesterday. I find myself not showing the first to anyone anymore so yesterday I decided to remake the piece. While they are nearly 2 years apart I've only had unlimited access to the equipment for the past 8-9 months while not working or doing home projects so very limited practice time compared to the amount that I would have liked but decent time none the less I would like honest opinions and critiques so that I can get even better. I look at super elaborate detailed masterpieces and don't think I will never be that good but rather I would love to get that good so anything from those of you with more experience or more talent than myselves I take to heart and strive to do better. I am aware the skulls aren't anatomical especially the jaw area but I did not have a picture the first time around and to keep it more fair I did the same this time around as well. So it is all from memory



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Feb 11, 2007
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at the viewing angle, i think maybe 2 or 3 fewer teeth would improve it. if you're brave enough, you could overlay or inlay a bit more material to do that. your sculpting shows very good control to allow a good 3d effect. the finish is good and smoothe.