How To Post Pictures in Twelve Steps

William Grubb

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Nov 10, 2006
Haubstadt ,In
I'm certainly not a Guru at posting pictures, and I found it Frustrating until I finally figured it out, so to help others on the forum that may be having trouble , this is how I do it ,not to say it will work for you, it may depend on the PC you are running. A couple of people on the forum suggested using Photo Shop ,But I did't
have that .
Here is the proceedure I use:
1) Go to where ever your pictures are stored.
2) Select the picture you wish to post.
3) Right click on picture (box will open)
4) Scroll to "resize picture" and left click
5) resize to 640 x 480
6) Click OK
7) Now go to thread and click Go Advanced
8) Scroll down to Manage Attachments and click on. Manage Att. box opens
9) Choose file
10) Find and select picture that has been reduced.
11) Click open
12) This will send it to Manage Att. Click Upload.
It should become an attached file . Type your message, preview post, and submit reply

I hope this is of some help to anyone having trouble posting pictures it works for me ,and may
save you the frustration I went through. If anyone has a better way or a different way your more
than welcome to add your comments.

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