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Nov 17, 2006
I am at the Colt Collectors Show and want to give a shout out to Mike Dubber and Tom Harvey. They received recognition in the Howard Dove voting and will be taking a pony home as a result of their outstanding engraving. Maybe they will see this and post pics of the pieces. Well done my friends. I am also hanging out with Brian Powley and Mike Fennel. So good to be back with wonderful friends. Looking for ward to Vegas.


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Nov 6, 2006
Covington, Louisiana
Congrats to Mike and Tom for the recognition! Sounds like you're having a good time, and I'm looking forward to FEGA.

BTW, I met Howard Dove at the NRA convention 40+ years ago and he engraved a sample of his scroll for me. He's one of the first people I ever saw doing engraving.

Mike Dubber

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Nov 10, 2006
Evansville, IN
Thank you Lee, being awarded the Howard Dove Pony benchmarks and identifies engraver's proficiency in the interpretation and execution of the Colt engraving. The competition is always keen, and, in my opinion, clearly identifies the engraving proficiency of the winnner to the greater group of Colt Collectors - and to those buyers who are searching for qualified Colt engravers.

What Lee did not say in his "shout out" is that on Saturday, October 2, 2021, at the CCA Award Reception in Indianapolis, there were three winners in the CCA Howard Dove Award category....Lee Griffiths, Tom Harvey, and Mike Dubber. There were six entries in the competition - the point spread, after a most difficult judging process, was 3 points! The judges could not identify a clear winner, and all three entries were qualified as 2021 CCA Howard Dove Award Winners. The judges graciously awarded 3 beautiful bronze Rampant Colt trophies.

I have attended and competed within the CCA organization since 2003, when I produced my first CCA "Show Gun," the featured item of the annual CCA Auction. It's been a wonderful and rewarding journey. I have produced 7 CCA Show guns...and I have been awarded 6 Howard Dove Awards. Working on behalf of the CCA, I have also commissioned 5 new Colt Master Engravers to engrave the Annual CCA Show Gun, including that of commissioning Diane Scalese as the 2018 CCA Show Gun Engraver, and consequently as the first female engraver in Colt's History to have her name inscribed on a Colt Factory Letter describing her as a Colt Master Engraver.

All of this is to announce my "retirement" from the daunting task(s) of engraving CCA Show Guns - and from producing entries for the CCA Howard Dove Award. I look forward to working within the organization as a judge and advisor at future CCA Shows. I mention all of this now with the sincere hope of bringing new participating engravers to the CCA - and the opportunity for those engravers to participate and compete for this most significant engraving award.

Please consider the opportunity to participate. The CCA Show moves around the country annually - we just completed our show in Noblesville (Indianapolis) Indiana; in 2022 we will be in Concord, North Carolina, and in 2023 the CCA will be held in Scottsdale, Arizona...always on the first weekend in October. You can travel to the show venue as you wish, or you might want to wait for the show to be held in you region. It was easy for Mike Dubber and Tom Harvey to come to the CCA Show in Noblesville - we both live in Indiana! Likewise, Lee Griffiths drove over 1,600 miles from Utah to Indiana for the show. Engravers all, hear me - this is an important show for engravers!

Significantly, this is an "All Colt Show." The format and rules for the Howard Dove Award are simple and straightforward - the entrant must be a CCA Member with a table at the CCA Show - the entrant signs the entry form stating that they are the owner of the entered firearm and that the entry is not for sale.

If you want more specific information, please feel free to ask me all about it.
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