I am interested in suggestions on how to sell a small Pop jewelry repair business


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Nov 1, 2021
I am ready to retire.
Would like to sell my repair business to someone that has the skills to succeed as I did for 13 years.
I built the business to be primarily a jewelry repair shop for a walk in clientele,
It immediately became income producing and kept me busy 6 days a week.
I was able to repair anything that came through the door because I invested in a jewelry laser at the get go.
I feel my success was in large part due to having a jewelry laser.
With my 25 years of repair skills and then using a laser meant I was able to comfortably take in impossible repairs in that I could never had done as easily and safely without that laser.
I used my laser to repair 90% of the repair work load, the laser was the key to making this jewelry repair business work.
Along with jewelry repair I also replaced watch batteries, repaired watch bands and all the other quartz watch repairs.
Again the laser made it possible to do some watch repairs I never would have been able to do without it.

I had 13 successful years in business with a 100% 5 star customer business rating.
I’m done now I want to retire and sell the business.

My question is what’s the best way to do that?
Craigslist seems just a little sketchy to advertise on but maybe my only way to find someone local that could take over.
I spent $50,000 and 4 months building my repair studio and would be happy to settle for my initial investment to walk away.
If this was your business how would you sell it?


Aug 25, 2019
There is a good community on Facebook called jewelers helping jewelers I'm sure they could probably give you some insight or even someone on there buying it from you the group I'm talking about is ran by aleah Arundel she's fantastic but there are many copy groups out there


Aug 21, 2013
Kansas City
When you started your business you had 25 years of jewelry repair experience and spent $50,000. I think it will probably be easier to find someone with 50k than someone with the experience to make it work. You might try to find a business broker to help you value and sell your shop.

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