I rarely post but this is important to me. Coincutter


Feb 11, 2007
washington, pa
steve : it's been a long time, pal. a computer crash a few days ago trashed most of my email addresses. will help as much as i can. jayismonk450@gmail.com
if you like, 724-678-7855. love to have a chat if you have the time. if you choose to call, don't worry about the time difference-- i will answer any time.
goog luck. hope you are safe where you live. back here what we see of those fires is just unbelieveable. the monkster


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Jul 27, 2007
I struggle to understand why people continue to use guns for offensive reasons such as this. Most people know it's wrong yet it continues.
The death of this person is so sad. Does the child have a father?


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Nov 19, 2006
Mendocino. ca., and Scotland

Kathleen and I will make a donation, thank you for posting on this tragic event.

When visiting my sister in Colorado, I have slipped into a tradition of looking in on Dave London, and Coincutter Steve, and was with both of them last weekend. They offered me a warm welcome from the beginning, a few years back, and we stay in touch. Had a great Saturday and Sunday at Dave's, talking shop, swapping ideas and tips, and I always come away with more than my fair share of good stuff. Notwithstanding the fires, Steve and his Linda, came down to Dave's, and we all had a brisket meal cooked by Dave. People knocked on the door, evacuated from the fire torn region near Manitou Springs, Dave and his wife, Marsha, welcomed them, and arranged for them to stay. On Sunday, Steve and Linda drove me to their home in Denver for a couple of nights, and it was then that the lovely young policewoman was reported shot ... .22 caliber, a senseless killing at, of all places, a musical concert. She was a mother. Steve was on the phone a lot and also going through his files, as I believe he recognized the police woman as some one he knew and had photographed in the past. He spent a lot of time on the telephone with the police department in a supportive role. Getting to know Steve over the years, I have seen that other side of his life, apart from engraving and his paintings, he is often up and out the door when emergencies like "Katrina" happen, he is on a plane and quickly doing work in such disaster areas. He has seen it all in Vietnam and elsewhere while in the forces, and carries injuries and health setbacks as a result. Steve and Dave are two good people I would like to have near me if I was in a jam.

It is not my place to debate here on gun use, yet it must not have escaped our notice that the US, with all its many fine qualities, is, among developed nations, the mount Everest of gun deaths in comparison with other nations. I preclude those countries verging on anarchy.

My deepest sympathy to the young officer's family, to her colleagues, and to the whole Denver Police Department.


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