Lapping plate CD

Tom Curran

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Feb 18, 2007
upstate New York
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I don't know where this idea came from, but here goes:

I was wishing to hone my gravers, cutting silver, and a polished heel and face make such a difference.

However, I don't have a ceramic lapping plate. Have been reading about folks using acrylic plates, masonite plates,etc. I haven't gotten around to making one yet.

Today I am sitting at my computer toying with an old CD. A certain 'dawning' effect was slowly taking place.....suppose I put the CD on my GRS platter....right on top of the 1200 grit wheel. It fit, and runs pretty true.

So I fogged the surface with some 1000 grit paper, making the scratches go from center to edge. Then I spread some 1800 grit diamond lapping paste on there, and HOKEY SMOKES! I can lap the face and heel to a mirror shine, using my double angle fixture! No more rounding the edges over, stropping by hand!


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