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Nov 11, 2006
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Over the last few years (since my last computer crash) I have accumulated quit a lot of links. Many are engraving related of course. I hope that you find them informative and useful. Many are suppliers or provide an educational component. I have checked each to make sure they are all still valid. I have added a very brief explanation of each. If you have links to share please add to the list. Thanks-there are quit a few, I hope you find something new-Fred

Etching and engraving suppies-
Engraving tools and supplies-
Acid etch marking, pattern transfer tecnique-
CAD/CAM "engraving"-
Panograph and other machines-
Panograph and other supplies- Metal
blank brass name plates-
metal supplier,small and large quanities-
fine tools Diamond files-
plating supplies including black chrome-
blackpowder supplies-metal patch boxes/snuff cans-
Tom White transfer sulution and sharpening equipment-
Knife and gun making supplies-
Bone Black-
Ivory,bone and horn-
custom fabricates metal parts, prctice plates etc.-
how to build a gunmakers vise- vise.htm
Brownells-gunmaker and parts and more-
Industrial Supplies-lots of them-
Miniture tools-
Industrial supplies and lots more-
How to videos-creator gets nothing-
photos printed on canvas-use Bling translator-
microscope to digital output-
LED /Magnifer light-woodworking tools- Work lights
iStockphoto scrolls-
Diamond cutting tools-
bronze wire for inlay etc.-
Diesinker, engraver,moldmaker tools-
Jewelry making supplies and informational/educational-
21st century tools-impressive designs-
high tech machine engraving equipment and supplies-
Quite air compressors-
handheld digital and optical microscope-
BIG ball vise-
nice acanthus study-
Interesting article on the art of orginal engraving-
engravable snuff cans-
black oxide coating and others, good educational material as well-
interesting and creative masking technology-
interesting online and physical museum-
nice engraving and has sterling buckles blank-
copper solder-
lapidary supplies including diamond flate laps-
jewelry making supplies and tools-
jewelers percing saw frame-
everything for the jewelry maker-
Centaurforge horse shoes to anvils-blacksmithing tool and instruction
mini milling machines and lathes-
Bit and spur makers forum-
international guild of bit and spurmakers-
birdwing study-
hand engravers association of Great Britain-
Fishing rod builders organization-
basic instruction in everything?-
woodcarvers website-
zoomify-cool engraving idea-
how to draw lots of different stuff-
Fantastic pencil drawings-
moder artists in the classical style-
pencil and pen sales-many hard to find items-
the works of Albrecht Durer-
art mseums around the world Google Art Project-
celtic design cast paper-
the best sign writer I have ever seen-
great photos of wild life-scene composition-
historical photos-
principles of design-
Pyrography-wood burning high art-
The British Museum virtual tour-
National Firearms museum-
home made ball vise-
Carving Patterns-
Cloud dome photo light tent-
belt grinder kit-
Filework patterns/knife-
knifemaking tutorial videos-
knifemaking tutorial videos-
musical instrument makers forum-
knifemaking supplies-
Knifemaking links-
knifemaking supplies-
knifemaking information-
knifemaking supplies-
wood stablization-
kit knife and supplies-
belt grinder The best there is-
Doublegun Belt Buckles-
Craftsman Plans-
History of engraving-
Ancient Order of United Workman-
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