Looking for engraver in southern Ontario

Nov 13, 2017
Ontario, Canada
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Hello all, new member here.
I'm a mandolin maker here in Ontario and I'm thinking about getting my tailpieces (brass hardware that holds strings) hand engraved in the style of the Lloyd Loar signed Gibson F-5 model from the early 1920s. Here's a photo of what one looks like

and here's a drawing with my logo on it.

On the drawing, the script logo is done in an outline but I would want it interpreted into a single line script in the style of the first photo.

If anyone is interested, I would send you an un-plated sample to engrave after you have sent me some sketches of your intentions.
If you could have the tailpiece plated in a brushed nickel finish that would be a bonus.

You can respond here or contact me through my website contact info at,

Here's a photo of my current, machine engraved tailpieces done in satin nickel.

Thanks for your consideration,
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