Low speed bi-directional 6" power hone


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Mar 8, 2010
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Here are currently active links to the pieces parts necessary to assemble a low speed bi-directional power hone suitable for sharpening gravers as well as knives, chisels lathe tools etc. Not included are plans or instructions for the shop built dual angle fixture shown in the picture.


using this adapter on this motor

that company supplying Amazon seems to have gone out of business so here is a different link to the same motor.

and the Master Lap - Polishing Laps A Base Lap Used As A Support. This uncharged aluminum lap is used as a base for other laps such as Ultralaps or Plastic laps. Precisely ground flat and parallel with 1/2" arbor hole. Link removed due to a Cafe member not getting an order. A web search for "Aluminum Master Lap" will bring up several sources. Amlap is no longer a recommended source. You want a 6" x 1/4" with a 1/2" center hole. You can also use an acrylic lap if it is at least 1/4" thick.

the 'master lap' is optional but since the diamond laps are thin, the master lap prevents deforming under use.

for a power supply I used

set to 24volts since that is the optimal voltage for the motor.

Using this dagram I wired the motor to run in either forward or reverse. For graver sharpening this is less important, one direction is fine. But I use my hone for gravers, lathe tools, milling cutters and wood carving knives so.... It's a handy option. Switch and a jack for the power available at Radio Shack.


The laps I buy are from
http://richontools.com/ link corrected
A 6" 240, 600, and 1200 will run about $38 including shipping as I recall. No customs tax on such a small order.
but they are also available on ebay and from LIndsey's engraving forum for about the same price.

For my hone I used a poly cutting board for the top of the case. The motor bolts directly to that. I simply put some wooden risers on the backside to hold the motor up off the table and stabilize the whole setup. Any case that will hold it and provide a base to sit your template or guide on will work.

This hone runs at 45rpm and that is intentional. It does not, ever, heat up the graver or other tool while sharpening. And yet it cuts fast enough that it doesn't take forever to redo a poiint. New tools, I usually hog off on a bench grinder so the hone is just doing touch up.

No machining required.

Final polishing, I put 14k grit diamond paste or powder on the back side of one of the hones..

I will likely not be updating this anymore as I do not intend to log in anymore.


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