Midas Fever ?


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Nov 16, 2018
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I decided to make my 90 yo Mother a simple little necklace she could wear to church and show off to her friends there, I just purchased one of the Silver Nickle practice pendants from GRS and did a simple Capital H in the center with a simple border around the edge filling both the H and border in with the Diamond tipped stippling tool that GRS sells and finished it off by Gold plating it with 24 K bright and setting a 2 mm CZ in the cross line of the H. Ill be dropping it by her house this afternoon, While I had my plating Equipment out I decided to Gold Plate my Lindsey Coin Vise . I think it came out pretty good , I have to wait top do the base because its Aluminum and it has to be Nickle Plated 1st and I didn't have any, so I ordered a bottle that will come in a few days , Than Ill; do the Base and take another photo and post it, I think that will really make it pop. i even plated the screws holding the top black jaws in place and cleaned them up a little. Looks almost new.I thought it would make a cool Award for like the best new Engraver of the year or something like that LOL 20190708_121033.jpg 20190708_121720.jpg 20190708_121033.jpg 20190708_121720.jpg